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Getting back to nature is on with CNRFlorist!

The mandatory isolation due to the pandemic has lead people to indoors and the home concept has been reconsidered. The concepts of home office and homeschool, which have become widespread in this period, adopt the idea of how coloring and embellishing living spaces actually work for our inner peace and mental health. People will also have a tendency to greenery and nature upon the change in the world after the pandemic.
This positive approach to nature will cause remarkable changes in personal and mutual living spaces as well as in urban life. At this point, house plants, garden, flower, and landscape arrangements will be one of the indispensable points for almost everybody.
CNR Holding is getting ready to initiate Floristry, Greenhouse and Equipment Exhibition - CNRFLORIST just upon this need. The exhibition will display every kind of products, services, and materials about landscaping such as landscape supplies, plants and nutrition, greenhouse equipment, irrigation technologies, landscape architecture, design and application services, park and garden design. Public and private sector organizations from all over Turkey will meet at CNRFLORIST to provide all kinds of plants and landscape needs.
Contact us to take part in CNRFLORIST, which will be organized at the center of global trade,  Istanbul Expo Center, between  and fulfill the disinfection, maintenance, and equipment needs of Turkey and the nearby geography on the plant and landscape industry.